Gingerbread Pursuit

Start a new Holiday Season tradition with the Gingerbread Pursuit 4 Mile Run.  “The gingerbread man, he’s out of the pan!  Chase him, yes chase him as fast as you can!”

2018 Results can be see here:   AGE GROUP     OVERALL RESULTS

2018 Race Photos HERE.   Photos by Daniel Owens.


The 2019 Gingerbread Pursuit will be held December 14th in Downtown Fort Wayne – 8:30 AM. Your race bib will earn you free entry to the Gingerbread Festival at The History Center.

COURSE MAP FOR 2018:   New construction for the Riverfront Development and environmental remediation on the site of Historic Fort Wayne has caused a temporary alteration in the course for the 2018 Gingerbread Pursuit.  You can view the 2018 COURSE MAP here.

The course begins on East Berry by the Fort Wayne Cinema Center. Turns south on Clay for one block, then east on E. Wayne to Coombs Street.  Turn left on Coombs Street, go over the bridge, then take the Rivergreenway path from the bridge to Columbia Street. Cross Columbia Street to the Rivergreenway on the other side. Run the Rivergreenway to the Tennessee Avenue bridge, turn left at the bridge, then turn left onto the Rivergreenway on the west side of the bridge. Follow the Rivergreenway through the Water Filtration Plant property, take the path underneath Spy Run, THEN TAKE AN ABRUPT RIGHT ONTO THE GRASS and GO TO THE SIDEWALK.  TAKE THE SIDEWALK to FOURTH STREET, turn left and then rejoin the Rivergreenway.

Once under the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. bridge, TURN RIGHT, CIRCLE ONTO the SIDEWALK, GO SOUTH OVER THE BRIDGE, then turn right onto the path in Headwaters Park. Follow the flags until you exit onto the circle at the end of Calhoun Street.  GO SOUTH ON CALHOUN STREET TO THE COURTHOUSE, then turn left for the finish line.



OVER 500 PHOTOS of runners at the 2017 Gingerbread Pursuit may be found on the Veep Races Flickr account here.


Awesome race, I have run this race every year since 2014. So much fun, very competitive!Great refreshments afterwards!    Patricia Barger-Shoemaker  December 08, 2018

[G]reat race! Pretty cool to run in the snow, and the courthouse afterwards was fantastic.  Dave Daugherty  December 09, 2017

This was a ton of fun! The gingerbread cupcakes were amazing! Thank you to all who helped put on this event.  Drew Bruton  December 09, 2017


Visit the Gingerbread Pursuit Facebook page  for photos and updates.

2018 results will be posted simultaneously with the race completion on eRunner Timing and Results – our timing services provider.


2017 Gingerbread Pursuit Results

2014 Gingerbread Pursuit Results

The start will be on Wayne Street by the Cinema Center and the finish will be on Berry Street between the Courthouse and the Lincoln Tower.  View the 2017  Course Map HERE.

Those who haven’t pre-registered may register the morning of the race at the Cinema Center from 7:10 to 8:10 am.

You may REGISTER BY MAIL for 2017 soon.

Race starts on Wayne Street just east of Clay, then runners head east to Coombs Street, turn left and go across the Tecumseh Street Bridge. Runners will then follow the Rivergreenway to the Tennessee Avenue bridge, crossover to the west side, then follow the Rivergreenway to Harrison Street, where they will cross the bridge south and then back to the finish line on Berry Street between the Art Deco Lincoln Tower and the architecturally significant Allen County Courthouse.  The Courthouse is on the National Historic Register.

Runners will start gathering at 7:15 to pick up their packets and chips at the Cinema Center at E. Berry Street at Clay – 437 E. Berry Street.  Runners will also receive gingerbread goodies at the finish line from Sassie Cakes and Pembroke Bakery. The refreshments and awards will be in the rotunda of the Allen County Courthouse.

Come out and help promote The History Center and the Gingerbread Festival for the holidays!

Once there was a gingerbread man,
Baking in a gingerbread pan.
Raisin eyes and a cherry nose,
Trimmed right down to his fingers and toes.
A gingerbread man in a gingerbread pan!

Here’s the old woman who made him so sweet,
A treat for her and her husband to eat,
She made him with flour and sugar and eggs,
She gave him a face and two arms and two legs.
A gingerbread man in a gingerbread pan!

Now open the oven to see if he’s done,
This gingerbread man, he knows how to run.
Out of the oven and onto the floor,
Now run away out the kitchen door.
The gingerbread man, he’s out of the pan!

Now chase him old woman, now chase him old man
Chase him, yes chase him as fast as you can!
Through the garden and out the gate,
Catch him right now, before it’s too late.
The gingerbread man, he’s out of the pan!

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