Torrent Triathlon

We apologize that the race has been cancelled for 2014.

2013 Results

Congratulations to Chris Dahlberg and Josh Young on their 1st and 2nd finishes at the first Torrent Triathlon:

                    age/gender  swim rank  swim            bike rank   bike time      run rank    run    overall time
 1 Chris Dahlberg     35   M       2     13:05.5    0:37.1    3       40:42.5   0:35.6   2      23:45.1    1:18:46.0
 2 Joshua Young       26   M       1     12:31.5    2:57.8    2       40:15.8   0:28.7   1      23:21.9    1:19:36.0

Congratulations to Woman’s finisher Melanie McGregor:

   Melanie McGregor   30   F       4     16:42.4    1:43.7    7      1:00:43.6  0:21.5   7      37:01.5    1:56:33.0

Lawrence Kuznar was third overall and the Grandmasters finisher:

  3 Lawrence Kuznar   50   M       3     16:38.3    0:59.1    1        39:33.0  0:42.8   3      24:57.6    1:22:51.0

Excluding Josh Young, who finished in 2nd place overall,  the top three Huntington finishers were

    Keith White       40   M       6     19:45.9    2:00.8    5        43:16.5  1:01.5   4      28:43.0    1:34:48.0
    Chris Brumbaugh   29   M       7     19:47.6    1:50.7    4        41:19.3  1:29.2   5      30:28.0    1:34:55.0
    Justin Wall       36   M       5     17:23.3    1:56.3    6        55:16.8  1:19.6   6      34:14.8    1:50:11.0

“The Torrent Triathlon is at a great venue and will be a good challenge for new pioneers accepting the challenge of a first triathlon  as well as veteran triathletes.”  -  Ward Moya of Fort Wayne - Ironman competitor and veteran triathlete

Huntington, Indiana’s Lake Clare is the site of the Torrent Sprint Triathlon on Saturday, June 1st at 8 AM.  This will be an intimate, low-key triathlon but with some great amenities as we kick-off the inaugural event.

750 meter swim; 12.5 mile bike ride; 5K combination road and trail run.

Join us as a pioneer as we begin a new tradition of Veep Races triathlons. Longer distances will be added in future years.


Conveniently located off Old US 24 and Broadway on Huntington’s east side.

One of those great amenities is gourmet post race food.  Your triathlon bib will get you a gourmet selection from the Affine’ Food Truck.  The chefs of Affine’ will be attendance to provide you with a one-of-a-kind food experience.

Spokesmen Cycling of Huntington will be on hand to provide some quick inflation, tire change, lubrication or basic bike service the morning of the race.  Spokesmen Cycling’s new shop just celebrated its great growth and one-year anniversary. Located on South Jefferson just south of the bridge in downtown Huntington.

Bike course:

Bike course description: The Torrent Triathlon Course starts in the basin of the Little River, crosses the route of the Wabash & Erie Canal, rises slightly above the terrain of the pre-historic Maumee Torrent, then traverses classic Hoosier farmland, past a pioneer church, along part of the historic route to Fort Wayne before returning to Lake Clare.

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